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The company

A bit of history

SPELL was founded in 2001 by five consultants and trainers as a development of a cultural association called Castalia that had been founded six years earlier and was aimed at knowledge research and sharing.

What we do

Today Spell supports companies in:

– Managerial and behavioural training – Public Speaking and Conflict Management, but also Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation;

– Team building – Focused on the different managerial and behavioural skills needed in many different situations, from the staging of a show to the creation of a Rube Goldberg Machine;

– Internal communication – Aimed at large or small groups of people, live (for example, conventions) or remotely (Multimedia). And with consulting with Social Networks Analysis (SNA / ONA).

Video Factory

A 150 square meter location, designed and fully-equipped for video and photo shoots with backdrops, chroma-key, illuminators, flashes, soft boxes of various sizes, and, of course, cameras, tripods, and highly specialized technicians.

We use it and rent it and we have many pre-assembled sets.
Ideal to welcome and engage corporate groups in cinema-themed team-building.
A flexible studio, equipped with changing rooms and bathrooms, suitable for many situations and needs. Thanks to Video Factory, Spell is able to provide a complete service for every video/photographic need.

Haven’t found any satisfactory solution?
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