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People are a company’s most valuable asset.
Investing in people means making them grow and be more productive and satisfied, in a healthier business environment. If you have specific needs and you are looking for suggestions, this is the right place.


An internal training catalogue can vary from just a few courses with one or two editions a year each to a huge, complex behemoth made of several Academies, thematic areas, and languages.


We design and administer managerial training catalogues for several clients in various industries such as banking and insurance, automotive, and ICT. We can deliver individual days of training or completely outsource the entire catalogue, structured as a group of training paths with pre-requisites and final evaluations.


We operate in Italy and abroad, localizing contents and changing language when needed.

Some success stories:

In the past the most advanced multimedia in a company was the VHS. Today there are much more varied and effective types of media.
These include videos, above all, but also infographics, mini-sites, DVDs, books, photo books, and company social media. If your goal is to engage people, there is a wide choice of media we can use to support you.

Some success stories:

We won’t lie: training costs money.
And good training costs even more.
E-learning has become an important driver for saving money, especially for large and multi-localized organizations. Yet, quite often, in “e-learning” saving means purchasing a sequence of slides with a monotonous voice-over that discourages any desire to learn.


Today SPELL offers:


For any content: the creation of engaging distance-learning products, based on edutainment and gamification and built around high quality videos, with a narrative structure and not just animated slides;

An off-the-shelf catalogue of training packages that can be inserted in the client’s LMS (video and texts), and are available on our SPELL platform;

 Pricing structures suitable for any need: from the complete creation of the product with the transfer of all rights, to the pay-per-user/course and online-offline bundling.

Some success stories:

Gathering many people in one single venue at the same time can be very expensive. This is why every event must be highly engaging.
If “engagement” is your goal, we can provide everything you need, ranging from a brilliant round-table, talk show, or convention host, with the creation of short monologues between official speeches to revive the pace and regain focus and even the complete design and management of the event.

Some success stories:

To be successful, training needs to engage participants.
We strongly believe that creating an experience is absolutely the best way to encourage learning.


That is why we have a series of experiential formats. Some of them are very flexible, like Blitz!, for instance, while others are more focused on a specific topic or behaviour, such as “Cleared for take-off”/decision making.


Of course, it’s not all just about engagement. The debriefings are equally interesting and structured, and they boast connections between the acted behaviour and actual life in the company.

Some success stories:

Traditional on-site training is still an important asset for many companies.
We keep delivering it, in our own way, with solid content and engaging trainers.
Slides are just an option, not the main focus.


We have our pet subjects:
Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Leadership, and Team Building… yet “Traditional Training” for us means designing and delivering completely customized training events, on specific topics, for specific audiences, in times and at locations agreed upon with the customer. We can deliver training worldwide.


To sum up: like yesterday’s classroom, but suitable for this millennium.

Some success stories:

The Team Building experience is so important that sometimes sense-making is left in the background.
We always seek to include it, even though sometimes it seems useless, even though at times team buildings are just “incentive” experiences.

We do not focus on a large number of different methodologies. Instead, we offer great flexibility in delivery ranging from theatre to the mechanical, including the creation of videos, so that each group becomes a great team.

Some success stories:

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