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Società per Elevare il Livello del Lavoro (Company to Improve the Quality of Work): our name states if not our destiny, at least our ambition: to help improve the quality of life at work for our clients.


The website has this name to recall Castalia, the cultural association from which SPELL was born, and is also refers to “Cast a Spell”. We may not perform miracles, but we work towards that small miracle that is “to work with a smile”.


We don’t want to be pretentious and draw up a long list of values. We strive to work honestly, creating an environment that is as calm and productive as possible, giving our best to satisfy our client companies, and even saying “no” sometimes, when we believe that our customer is making a wrong choice.

Quality system

We do not believe that having a quality system is something to boast about and we do not believe that certification of it is “an award”. The former is essential: without it, in our opinion, it makes no sense to even say “company”. The latter represents a challenge to improve, to renew and win every year again and again. Every year our system is tested: both daily by all our customers and every 365 days by a verification body.

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