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We know a few things and we love to share them.

SPELL (Società Per Elevare il Livello del Lavoro – Company for Improving the quality of Work) was founded in 2001 and since then has been developing distinctive skills in Managerial Training and Corporate Communication. SPELL has created three specific methodologies:


Teatrodimpresa ® – since 1997 – Business theatre at its best. It is based on theatre as a communication and training tool for companies;


Videodimpresa ® – since 2006 – Based on video as a tool for training and communication;


Eduimpresa ® – since 2013 – A collection of various tools, other than theatre and video, used to achieve the same goal: to increase the audience’s engagement.

For whom?

Engagement is the keyword.

If you aim to engage a large number of employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers, shareholders, or any other stakeholders in a project, product, or event, SPELL is what you need.


SPELL can help companies in being more effective in both Training and Communication.

Some of our clients

Some of the companies that have chosen to work with us.

Communication portfolio

Mostly videos, but also graphics, photo books, animated gifs, or simply wonderful photos. We have done a lot these years, but here we can only show the publishable ones.
They are enough to give you a good idea though.

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